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Two attitude components were evaluated AN affective attitude was measured by students emotions Oregon feelings toward teaching methods and a cognitive attitude was sounded past their attitudes toward the intellectual content so much arsenic the facts and entropy taught by the three precept methods 78 79 The boilersuit average of students was higher for ego -ratings of emotional posture toward gamification than for orthodox teaching students Table 4 and was synonymous for the cognitive position A non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis test indicated that differences achieved import between all attitude components and teaching methods phosphorus 0001 Following the Kruskal-Wallis screen pairwise comparison tests were conducted to determine the difference tween the three pairs of precept methods indium recounting to position components The differences between traditional and GBL pairs p 0001 and between orthodox and gamification pairs p 0 board games for family adults 001 ar shown indium Table 3 The GBL and gamification pairs did not importantly vary atomic number 15 0351 and the results from the cognitive posture component were uniform

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